Pelindah is a Ugandan singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

From her childhood music was her first priority. She participated in all music and dance related school activities throughout her education journey.

She first performed on stage when she was 8years old from her home church in Namasuba-wakiso district.

After sometime off music while concentrating on her studies, pelindah embarked officially her music career by performing with different bands around Uganda as a way of building her confidence and stage presence.

In her senior six vacation in (2014), she joined the singing competition of airtel trace.

She has performed at different concerts and festivals as a solo artist, these include Blankets and wine (2017), akadope (2018), haka mukiga's close up (2017), sofar sounds (2018)

She's been motivated and influenced by different music icons all around the world .
Pelindah's style of singing and writing is versatile.

Her songs are basically about what she believes in, and what she's going through or what catches her attention at a specific period of her life.

Her music is a fusion of contemporary, world music,soul and a tough of RNB. Her first ever studio recorded track was Nzuno (here I am) . Which she recorded in 2014.

She has then recorded more music: